Teaser aus „The Book of Secrets“


Hier der erste Teaser aus dem neuen Buch!

Vorwort mit Vision

This is to all the dreams
I am looking forward to

To all the places ahead of me,
the new worlds to travel, to seek out

To all the great ideas,
that will still cross my mind

To the longing I will explore
and the satisfactions I will find

To all the inspiration,
that will turn my work into art

To the new horizons,
that will open (up) before my eyes


Seeing more than is visible
The invisible, yet sensible
Between the lines
Walking past the boundaries
Only to be achieved through creativity
And spontaneous creation
But cannot be achieved by following the rules
You must create your own horizons

Knowledge long lost
Tradition and wisdom blossoming
In touch with nature and your roots
Harmony in chaos and spontaneity
The second I and the third eye
Coincidence and fortune
Spirit and freedom
And so much more than meets the eye of the seeking

© Skye Silva, 2017